Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Short and Sweet!!

Talking to James today about going to school and he was upset because at his aftercare program they go out when it is 100 degrees and he hates sunscreen.  I told him today was only going to be 80 degrees today so he should be okay.  He said that he would get a sunburn.  I looked at his very tanned body and told him that he doesn't burn.  I showed him my very burned neck and told him that I have crazy Scottish/ English skin and he has beautiful olive Italian skin.  I told him that people would pay a lot of money to have a beautiful tan like his.  "Mom!  Are you going to sell me?" Ah... Just another day of literal thinking from James.  Gotta love the kid!
This weekend he got upset because a friend just got a phone and he is only 11.  Our rule is 12 before getting a phone.  I told James that I guess that friends family could adopt him and then he could get a phone a year early.  James liked that idea... so I guess I won't have to put him on our plan on his 12th birthday.  I hope he forgets about this plan because I would really miss him but at least he could call me on his 11th birthday on his new phone from his adoptive family.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Brief Look into History Via James

Finishing breakfast and Brian mentioned if anyone wanted more toast he could make some.  James was the first to speak:
"You know, there was no toast in the Civil War."

Ah... Okay...
"You know Dad, about Abraham Lincoln in the book and the Civil War?"
Ah... Okay...
"James?  Do you mean to say that there was no toast during the Civil War?"
"Yeah Dad Don't you remember from Abe Lincoln the 14th President?"
I piped in here... "16th President."
"Yeahbut... I was close!!"

Just another day!!