Saturday, June 13, 2015


I LOVE libraries.  Books, books, books, therapy dogs, more books and... therapy dogs?  Yup, I just found out that our local libraries have therapy dogs visit on some Saturdays to have the kids practice their oral reading. It is brilliant. The dogs don't care what you read they are just there to listen.  After all of James's years in therapy this is probably one of my favorite pictures. Thank you Lady for helping James practice his reading.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Magic of Music

really has nothing to do with this particular post
but James was promoted from 5th grade a week ago
and he is so doggone cute!!!
Anyone who knows me well, knows that I ADORE music!  I love to listen to music that is melodic, tells a story, shares something or simply makes me smile.  I am glad that this is a gift that I have passed to both of my kids. My daughter and I have shared many experiences going to or watching Broadway musicals old and new.  James also loves musicals.  One of his secret guilty pleasures is the old time State Fair musical from 1945.  State Fair 1945 Trailer He also loves the more recent ones and one that I adore is CHESS.  I love the music and the concert has some of my favorite voices in lead rolls. James knows the music and knows it well. He can sing all of the songs. CHESS  (Anthem is at 1 hour 12 minutes on this video)
Yesterday, after a very long day in the car, James was in his world of Minecraft Youtube movies.  I had the new Josh Groban CD playing and Anthem started playing.  Without coming out of his world, James asked to have the video screen to be put down in the car because he couldn't see the movie.  He is always listening even when you don't think he is, he hears and understands everything!!  Glad music means so much to him because it is another place we can share interests.