Saturday, January 16, 2016

Not a Typical Post from the Laughter Mum... (worked for our family but may not for yours.)

Obsessions.  We all deal with them with our kids.  Let me see if I can remember all of James's.  As and infant, he always needed something in his left hand.  Then there were cars, Speed Racer, The movie Cars and Herbie, super heroes especially Spider-man, Thomas the Train (and all of his friends), Mario, Pokemon and now MINECRAFT (I may have forgotten some but he is twelve and my memory is fading).  All of James's obsessions have lasted months to years.  Mine usually don't last that long.  There was only Josh Groban music when I was pregnant with James, the CHESS concert (this one lasted less than 9 months but still a longish one) and others but currently, my family has been blessed with my new obsession, Lip Sync Battle.  Obsessions are comfortable and bring great joy.  One of the battles that caught my fancy today was >>click here<<   and here is my silly guy getting into it.  Just another day filled with laughter in our house.  Find joy and peace in your days and give into your obsessions sometimes.

Click here>>It's Raining Men

Friday, January 15, 2016

Everyone Has Unique Gifts to Share

All for our kids are special.  It doesn't take a diagnosis or two to show how special our kids are.  They show us daily by being unique and wonderful.  Today is just a Friday.  It is mid January and for once this month, the sun is shining through the blinds behind my computer.  Today is the day I get to go and celebrate James.  He made honor roll again this term and we couldn't be any more proud. James is your "typical" High Functioning Autistic kid.  He is bright and capable of being in a typical classroom keeping up academically and almost socially with his peers. This year he is even without an aide.  He has a strong team at school and an equally as strong team at home.
Not everyone's kid with Autism is like James.  Some are non verbal and some need extra support to be in a classroom.  Some are home schooled and some are in special day classes. Whatever level and where ever your kids are, take time today and celebrate them.  PEACE
For those of you not from Boston, this translates to "Highly Intelligent"

Monday, January 4, 2016

Sometimes Words are Not Enough

James has been home for two weeks now and we are preparing to send him back to his unsuspecting teachers tomorrow.  This video really shows why the Laughter House is such a giggly place.  I'm sorry and ... Enjoy!!!