Friday, September 27, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast!

What happened to my sweet baby?  He
is growing up soooo fast!
We all say it, at some point, when we think about our kids... "They grow up so fast!" The first several years seem like someone had the fast forward button pushed on the remote.  I spent a wonderful day this past week at a conference about people with disabilities and how they are at an increased risk for being victims of a crime. One of the reasons this happens is the aggressor feels that a person who has an intellectual disability and can't speak are an easy target because they can't communicate and so the crime will go unreported.  Another reason is we often "infantilize"  a child or adult with a disability and don't share important information about sexuality and healthy relationships so they don't often know what is a crime.  This was very interesting information especially in my house now that James is turning 10 in a few months.
Astra is behind Abra
We have two black and white cow cats.  They are not related in any way but look almost identical. About a week ago, James collected both cats, put them on the dining room table and announced, "Okay, it is time for you to make out."  Interesting.... Yesterday as James and I were driving to school we were talking about his birthday party.  He was listing off the boys he wants to invite.  I asked if there were any girls on his list.  Every year he always has a list with girls on it so I felt it was a reasonable question.  I asked about a specific girl because his teacher tells me that she works well with him.  His response to the question..."Of course not mom... You know I am not dating her!" Again, interesting.  Okay... he is only 9 well soon to be 10, but I ask... when did he rocket into his teen years?  I guess I need to prep his daddy on how to handle the upcoming conversations.  Any suggestions?