Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sprinkling the Black and White Thinking with a Little Rainbow!!

Okay.  We all know that kids with Autism tend to be very black and white thinkers.  James is no exception.  There is usually only one way that things can be done and if deviation happens it is frowned upon. As we generally do at our table suppers, conversations start that can be thought provoking.  Tonight I thought I would tackle a tough one... relationships, dating, marriage.  James is 11 and has in the past been deeply in love with classmates or a therapist.    

Well the conversation started... abridged here, but this is the gist of it. James what do you believe dating is?  "Well it is when a boy and a girl go out to supper or a movie and the boy gives the girl a flower or maybe a watch." Okay, how about if it is two boys? "No mom that would be weird!" Why would that be weird? "Well, they are two boys and there can't be any babies." What if it is two girls?  "That is a possibility I guess. You know mom, I don't have a girlfriend." I know but you are only 11.  "I think 16 is a good age to have a girlfriend."  Sounds reasonable.  "But I think getting married is around 21."  Well I was 30 when I got married so you have time.

All of a sudden the conversation morphed into a Minecraft script.  I guess enough with the thought provoking conversation.  Time to lose our minds in the Minecraft world.

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