Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How Can You Tell When Your Kid Has Had Enough Summer Vacation?

Actual conversation in the Laughter House this afternoon...

sweet little man but no words!
"James, time to get ready for Karate.  Please go change in."  (this is our shorthand for getting ready. 'Changing in' is to get ready and 'Changing out' is to take the uniform off.)

sweet young man, words
and attitude of a typical teen
"Mom, I thought Dad wasn't going to make it." (Dad just called telling us he was stuck in traffic.)

"Well James, there are other drivers in the house."

"Oh great, the undrivable mom, (my van is in the shop) and the always irritated with me sister."

"Yup, you do have choices."

My mantra today that will keep me from losing my mind, "I wanted him to be able to talk, I wanted him to be able to talk, I wanted him to be able to talk!"

Boy do I love this kid!!! Especially right now that he is in karate class!!!

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