Sunday, June 12, 2016

Something to Bond Over..... Thankfully

He certainly knocked that one out
of the park!!
(this picture is old but super cute!)
There certainly are challenges when there is a wide age gap between children.  There certainly are benefits, such as having another set of hands to help with whatever chore is daunting at the moment. Our kids, not by design but by destiny, are seven years apart.  James was the best "doll" we ever got our daughter, and she adored him. Over the years, the kids have been close and had basic sibling difficulties like all kids in a family.  
Our daughter is back for five weeks before she moves back to college for summer classes, her own apartment, and the fall quarter. James has had some trepidation about having her return and eventually leave again.  This usually looks and sounds harsh towards the person he is going to miss horribly when they are no longer in his environment.  I have seen it happen time and time again and although it is tough for the person it is directed at, I know that all behavior is communication.  My goal for him is that he will be able to find a way that doesn't alienate the person leaving so they are excited about going away.   
This wonderful exchange happened yesterday between them and it made me smile.  James went through a long period where he was obsessed with everything Mario. Yesterday, he made his sister smile when he let her into his world for a while.  "Princess Peach deserves better! She shouldn't be a damsel in distress all the time!  I mean, what's special about Mario? Peach has magic!"  Our daughter was so impressed with her brother, the budding feminist!! 

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