Thursday, August 17, 2017

That Really is the Lost Colony... No One Else has Heard of It!!!!

We have just started with the first colonization attempts in what is now America.  James learned today that Jamestown (founded in 1607) wasn't the first colony but the third.  He got a kick out of a place that has his name in it. (Quick history lesson... King James of England wanted his hand in this new land to make money for himself so he created a Charter called the Virginia Company to do this and Jamestown was founded.)

James has been reading library books about this period of time for his daily 30 minutes of reading. Today he finished the book on the first colony. He was telling his dad about it this afternoon.  He told him (with some help) that the first colony was lost and the second one failed.  When he was asked about the name of the first colony he thought, thought, and I gave him the first letter sound.  He then stated with confidence... "The lost colony of Romeo."  No wonder it was lost... Romeo was still back in Italy wooing Juliet (at least on the London stage!) at the time the first colony of Roanoke was lost with little clues of where it went.  Just another amazing day of homeschooling!!

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Romeo and Juliet
Roanoke Island         

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