Friday, April 12, 2013

Classically James Part 2

Okay... Charlotte and I started watching a movie this afternoon, The Sessions.  There is quite a bit of nudity, but tasteful.  This movie deals with a very real issue in the world of disabilities... nudge, nudge say no more.  James started talking about bodies and somehow he got onto babies and how I was still pregnant because I was pregnant when he was born.  Anyway... he started talking about being born and coming from my body.  Then he asked, "What month did you choose for me to be born?" I told him that the doctors make a guess about when the baby will be born and he was pretty close to the due date.  Then he started in again.  "What day was I born?" "Well you were born on the 12th?" And then it hit him and he stated in excitement, "You mean I was BORN on my birthday?"

He was certainly in rare form tonight!!
I LOVE the little squished up James!!