Tuesday, April 16, 2013

He Misses Me!!!

I started back to work yesterday after almost 2 years of being home.  I had prepared James as best as I could getting him used to being at daycare both after school and before school.  I had redone his schedule and shared it with him.  I had talked to him and he told me he heard and understood.  Boy was I WRONG!!!!
I got home today around 6:15 PM to my husband, James's homework behaviorist and James having a difficult moment.  James had been aggressive and non compliant.  He barely acknowledged me when I came in.  He was refusing to do any homework.  I sat at the computer, turned on his spelling word list and started doing what I always do during homework.  It took a few minutes for James to fall into line.  We got through spelling and finished homework by reading.
Later, James found my key card that allows me to get into the office building I now work in.  I told him to put it back in the bag and didn't think about until I couldn't find it.  I asked James to find it but like everything else he loses, he had no idea where he put it.  I told him I was unhappy that he lost it and it would be difficult for me to get into my office tomorrow.  James then showed his hand (it is a card reference).  "Fine, now you can't go to work and my life will get back to normal!!"
I guess it all IS about him!
A face only a mum can love... wait, I am his mum!
I guess I am the lucky one!!