Friday, April 12, 2013

Classically James

We all have those moments with our children that we just grin and bear because they are just part of the kid and we love the kid so we just deal with it.  This morning was an EPIC classically James moment.  I am heading back to work after almost 2 years of medical disability and so I have had to find care for my kids.  I had started James in the aftercare program at his school a few months ago to get him used to it and the past few days, we started the before care to allow him to get used to that because Momma is going back to work full time on MONDAY!  We have had one really great morning and two not so great.  This morning, all looked great.  And then it happened... at the very last second and with one foot out the door... James NEEDED a very specific Pokemon book that he couldn't find.  The search started as Charlotte began to get fully stressed about being late for school.  I could see her start to unravel and not really wanting to have two emotionally destroyed children at the same time, I asked our wonderful morning nanny to drive her to school.  I later found out that her car got a flat on the way but she continued to take Charlotte all the way because, well she is just that kind of person!!
James and I continued to look and eventually we did find the book under about 100 pounds of laundry on the couch that has been folded for over a week and no one has done anything with it.  "James, why should I allow you to take this book to school?  You needed to come when it was time so that we can get your sister to school before the bell."
"I know mom but I NEED to have this book!"
"James you know that we talk a lot about the difference between needing and wanting things."
"Yeahbut, I don't want to have to borrow one again because I like mine."
"Yeah buddy, I get it but you need to get in the car when you are told if you want to have your special books and toys."
"Okay mom, but at least now I will have a good day!"
So Charlotte is in pieces and it will likely only be fixed by me taking her the most amazing lunch as a surprise today.  I am trying to figure out how to get James to think of how his behavior effects everyone else knowing that he isn't developmentally ready as well as how am I going to be able to work 50 minutes away when my little man NEEDS things in the middle of the day.  I have been home for almost 2 years and I have been able to handle things as they come up.  I am a GREAT planner but I can't plan for things if they are impulsively James!  Should be interesting.  At least there are only 7 more weeks of school and then Charlotte won't have a 7AM class well at least not for the 10 weeks of summer.
Charlotte was SOOOO not smiling this morning!!