Monday, April 22, 2013

((Don't Them for Granted))

How often do you see the cyber ((hug)) on Facebook or elsewhere?  I know that hugs can be amazing.  I know that they can feel good.  I know that for those of us with kids on the spectrum, hugs are sometimes an endangered species.  I get very few spontaneous hugs from James.  I can probably count them on one hand if I only had 2 fingers on that hand.  Now don't get me wrong, I get "asked for" hugs all the time.  I demand them and James usually complies even though they are not very heart felt.  I am talking about the burst of joy and emotional need to express that leads to an amazing squeeze with no strings attached.
peacock shirt = hug  (I love this kind of math!)
Yesterday, we were out shopping and James picked out a shirt for me.  It is a beautiful purple T shirt with a peacock on it.  He was so thrilled that he was picking it out for me but by the time we got home he had  forgotten.  I got up this morning and lovingly put it on for my day.  I was thrilled to be wearing something that James had picked out for me.  He came downstairs with sleep still in his eyes.  He slouched in the chair and stared off into nothingness.  All of a sudden, he saw me.  He stood up and came close.  "I like your shirt Mom!" "Thank you James, I like it too and you picked it out for me at the store yesterday so it is special!" And then it happened.  James looked at the shirt and looked  at me and came in for the most delicious, heartfelt hug I have ever received.

I may never take the shirt off!!