Saturday, November 17, 2012

911... I Need a New Babysitter

Oh heavens... where do I begin?  This was Charlotte's day.  She was to sing in the Regional Honor Choir which is quite a wonderful experience.  I had the babysitter all set up for James and when we left, they were happy decorating a large box.  Half an hour before concert was to begin, I received a call from the frantic babysitter.
James had be making a music video and at one point pulled down his pants.  She told him that he couldn't do that and he needed to erase it.  He got upset and then she said that until he did, he couldn't use his 3DS.  James disappeared upstairs and apparently grabbed the house phone and dialed the one number he knew 911.  James has been working on 911 for several years and has never gotten it correct.  As recent as 10/1/12 he still couldn't get the number correct >>click here<<  This time, he got it correct and when asked by the dispatcher what his emergency was he told her that he needed a new babysitter because this one was mean.
The police showed up an hour or so later at our house and the babysitter let them in.  James was really freaked out and ran screaming upstairs.  Eventually everything got figured out and the police left and James was able to get on with his time with his babysitter.  So what actually is considered an emergency?  Basically an emergency is something that must be stopped immediately because it may threaten physical well-being or property.  Well according to this definition, James may have felt that he was reporting an emergency.  He needed to stop his babysitter immediately from  taking away his property.  I guess there is still some refining we need to do on the concept of emergencies and when to call 911 for help.

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