Tuesday, November 6, 2012

James Who is the President


It is voting day and as Americans, we all have the privilege to vote and have our voices heard.  I try to keep my kids informed about their impending rights and responsibilities as they hit different ages.  It occurred to  me as I placed my ballot in the ballot box, that the next presidential race will have a new eager voter... Charlotte!  Anyway, I digress...
I asked James who the president is now.  That little man thought about it for a minute and simply said, "Doesn't ring a bell!"  I really hope it is the Liberty Bell because then I at least have a starting place to help him understand why we vote and why the president is so important to our country.
James won't be able to vote until 2024 so I still have time.  It would be so much easier if I still lived on the East Coast with all of the history around every corner.  But at least I still have time.  If it were up to James today, Mario (from Super Mario Bros) would be the president.  Wouldn't that be fun!!

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