Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why'd He Take It? 'Cause he is James!

Things periodically go missing in our house and after turning the whole house upside down, we finally decide to look in the most unlikely place... James's room.  James is a collector!  He collects so many things that his room is kind of messy!!  He generally has a process to his collections, they make sense if you know him.  Tonight he surprised us all.... It just didn't make sense.... until we found out why.
Charlotte is quite a bit older than James and is in the eleventh grade.  She is taking very difficult classes.  She takes very good notes so she is able to do the mounds of homework that is assigned.  Her physics notebook went missing overnight and it made sense that the cats likely knocked it off a pile and under something in her room.  She looked everywhere, my husband looked everywhere, both to no avail.  Finally James was questioned and he fessed up.... it was in his closet.  I asked my husband why he said he did it.  My husband just said, "'Cause he is James!"  Later when Charlotte went upstairs and talked to her brother, she got the real answer.  James took it because "he has a LOT to learn!"
I am so thrilled that James may be learning the big lesson of education... learning for the sake of learning, not just because someone tells him he needs to learn it!!

I certainly hope that when he does physics, his sister will be home from college, writing her second best seller and will have time to help him with this gobbledygook!!!!

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