Thursday, November 22, 2012

22 Days of Thanks

I completely missed the blogging call for the days of thanks this month.  So today I am doing the 22 days of thanks.  Here goes in no particular order...

22  I am thankful for the smell of turkey and gingerbread in my house today
21  I am thankful for the weather in Cali this November, we finally have rain!!
20  I am thankful for the public schools in our town who have gone above and beyond with my kids
19  I am thankful for my new hospital bed that supports my medical needs at this time
18  I am thankful for my sons tennis racket because it makes him happy
17  I am thankful for my Broadway Twin who loves the shows as much as I do (I will miss her when she goes to college
16  I am thankful for my husband who has become a wonderful house husband during my time of need
15  I am thankful for our cat Astra who keeps my neck warm and often wet from happy cat drool
14  I am thankful for our cat Abra who sings when he wants to get picked up and cuddled
13  I am thankful for our cat Kiefer who takes time out of his busy sleep schedule to come and help me eat my supper every night
12  I am thankful for our cat Hobbit for having the cutest cat I have ever seen
11  I am thankful for my electric wheelchair that will hopefully be here before Christmas
10  I am thankful for my house that my husband and I thought we would never be able to buy
9    I am thankful for my education even though I am not using the knowledge now I still have it
8    I am thankful for music all kinds (except for some of the stuff that is questionably musical)
7    I am thankful for James's happy days and the harder ones that make the happy ones that much more special
6    I am thankful for doctors who work tirelessly to solve medical mysteries everyday even though my condition is still as mysterious as it was on 5/23/11
5    I am thankful for Prednisone!  I know it is an evil drug because of the side effects (many I have suffered from) It is the only medication that has given me hope for a life close to what I had before my disability started.
4    I am thankful for my whole family back East, who on this Thanksgiving Day, I miss more than any other time of year!
3    I am thankful for my family in the southern region of Cali who we were not able to visit this Thanksgiving holiday.  Again, this is the day that I miss them the most!
2    I am thankful for my husband who after 18 years of marriage is still willing to live with me no matter how much he would rather not have the insanity all around him
1    I am thankful for my kids who made me a mum the only job I have ever really wanted!


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