Thursday, February 5, 2015

Constant VS Obsession

Over the years, our family has lived with James's many obsessions.  Thomas the Tank Engine, Lightning MacQueen, Speed Racer, Herbie (remember the little beige Volkswagen bug with the 53 on the side?) Spider-man, ramen noodles, pizza, Mario, Pokemon, still pizza, Minecraft.  It is possible that I have left some out but you get the picture.  These are obsessions!  They consume his life for only periods of time. They get banned from the table (all except for the food items).  They go in on ear and out the other for the poor person James is trying to engage with as he rattles on about the most intricate and impressive reason why we should all love his current obsession.
Flip to the constant in his life.  The constant goes by the name of Rodger. There have been many versions of Rodger, some white, some brown, some Rodger's brother or cousin but they have all been a form of Rodger.  Rodger is comfort, where the obsession is adrenaline. Rodger is quiet, where the obsession is boisterous.  Rodger is allowed at the table, where the obsession is banned.  Rodger is ... LOVE!!
Taken today as James was avoiding doing his spelling.
Guess what happened when he woke up.  Spelling!!