Saturday, February 14, 2015

So IT Finally Happened!!!

Okay. So we all know kids with Autism have obsessions of some kind or another.  previous post on this topic  James's is currently Minecraft.  He talks about it ALLLLLLL the time.  There isn't a conversation we have had at home over the past several months that hasn't somehow magically found it's way back to this topic.  Well, after tons of prodding from him, my husband and I finally gave in and bought the PC version for our family computer. Seems innocent enough.  We turned off the chat feature and protected him as best as we could.  Paid the fee and started the download.  James danced and twirled!  He "patiently" waited for the download and then it happened.  Every other login on the computer disappeared!  James's obsession finally took over and destroyed our world.  We are now stuck with a computer that only has his login and no way to make him an administrator to try to fix it.  Autism obsession 1           Laughter house computer 0.

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