Saturday, February 7, 2015

Finding What You Love About Yourself

It is a given.  Some things we really like about ourselves and other things well... we just don't. Recently, James has been talking about hair and loving his hair in some pictures. This came up when he was working on his power point for his New York school project.  One of the slides he needed to do was on the governor of New York. He found a picture that he liked of Andrew Cuomo and commented that he had really good hair. I don't see it but in James's world this guy rocks when it comes to hair!  
We were looking through pictures and James found one that he really liked and commented that he had really good hair in it.  He likes the swirl and how it looks.  I love the smile 
Laughter, Could be the Missing Pieceand impishness that comes with my little man.  Hair has been something that never crossed my mind when it came to me thinking of what James liked about himself.  He has complained about his curls for a long time. He would love a buzz cut but I just can't. Every time I send him to get a haircut with my husband, I tell them to leave some of the length for the curls. I adore the curls!  I am sure when he turns 18, he will go someday to the barber and get it all buzzed off but I have seven more years of curly bliss.  I end this with some of my favorite curly moments in time.  
James and an armful of Rodgers!!  See
Previous post for this explanation.  

Say "cheese!"

All of these pictures are from years ago.  Now James is rocking a great head of hair that is generally disheveled and uncombed.  Like most Autism parents, I choose my battles and as long as he is dressed and ready for school on time, I let the hair go.  Most mornings I am not home to even care and by the time I see him in the evening, the sweat of the day has magically turned the disheveled look into pretty curls again.
So gorgeous!!! This picture was
taken in a brief moment of peace. 
 He had been racing around the
house and for one fraction
 of a moment was still and perfect!