Monday, December 3, 2012

Used Car Shopping Autism Style

It has been a while since I have been here loosing myself in my blogging fun.  James is finally back to school and already has a new cold but transitioned back to school without any major blowouts.  His homework behaviorist has seen him at his best and worst so that is moving along.
What I have been spending my time doing has been looking for a new, used car for my husband.  The 1993 Honda Civic has finally died, it needs a new engine to work correctly again.  We have had many conversations about fixing the relic or to stop throwing roses at the pig and get another used car that he can drive.  He needs a great commute car because he drives 70 miles one way to work.  Anyway, we have spent a lot of time test driving and looking before we finally found the car that seemed to fit his criteria.
Yesterday, Bri, James and I went to a used car sale at our bank and after parking me and my wheelchair in the warmth of the building, they disappeared across the street with an attendant to help them look through 200+ cars.  Most were way out of our price range but one was found that warranted a test drive.  I guess Bri had given James his cell phone to keep him happy but I received 7 calls from that little man.  Here in brief is what transpired...
Call 1: Mom?  I want to hear you play my game.  James, I don't know how to play your game.  It is simple mom, (long explanation on how to play) random hangup
Call 2: Mom? Still me!  (giggle) random hangup
Call 3: Mom? random hangup
Call 4: Mom? When are we going to Papa's house?  Well Papa is meeting us here.  NO!!THAT ISN'T THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE!!! random hangup
Call 5: MOM!!I am going to end the call on purpose this time.  purposefully hangup (slamming the phone down loses something without the 20 pound receiver my grandmother used to have!!)
Call 6: Mom? I'm walking over now by myself.  No you are not sure!  Give the phone to your dad.  hangup
Call 7: Bye Mom. hangup
New, used car was finally purchased and all is right in the Laughter house.

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