Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pickles Anyone!!

We all know that idioms are very difficult for our kids on the spectrum.  They live in such a black and white world, how can it rain cats and dogs or how can someone die laughing?  James has spent a loooooong time working on this particular linguistic conundrum.  I judge his success by when he first uses the idiom seamlessly in his language.  It happened tonight during math.  The problem was  $17.98 X 8
He kept getting the wrong answer and try as he often as he did, he just couldn't figure this one out.  He kept at it and eventually, rubbed his head, took a deep breath, and stated, "This problem has me in a pickle!"  He eventually figured out what he did and math was finally over.  Just thought I would share before I go to bed.  Good night all!!!!

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