Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Compound Word Love

James adores compound words!  He loves the way they look I guess.  He gets excited when he sees them and is more likely to want to spell them if they are on a spelling test.  This week, James missed his pretest for spelling so I didn't know if he was on the regular list or the alternative list.  His teacher told me to use the regular list so I did.  When we did it at home, he got 100% so I decided to go to the harder, alternative list.  I told him that there was a compound word on the list and he got excited. The compound word I meant was "sunlight" but James found another
POLELIGHT!  I stand corrected... 2 compound words! By the way... this was the only word he got wrong on the harder list.  Last grading period, James got a 2 for spelling which is below grade level.  This time, he will definitely be at or above grade level for sure!  Go James!!!!!

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