Sunday, December 23, 2012

Awesome Archery and an A+ Early Christmas!!!

We did our Christmas early this year because of travel plans.  James was super excited this weekend because we finally had the archery party on Saturday for his birthday and we were celebrating Christmas with my husbands father today, Sunday.  Lots of excitement and opportunities for crazy behavior.
Quickly, the archery party was a total blast with the rain starting exactly on cue at 3:00 when the archery was beginning.  James hates to get wet but for this party, he wore a red knight tunic that we made and ran into the rain to collect his arrows when given the all clear.  It was AWESOME!!  As the rain pelted down, it eventually gave way to a beautiful rainbow which made James super happy!  Everyone had a wonderful time at the archery party and James got a fabulous bulls eye which made him extremely ready for more!
We got home a little moist from the rain, but happy and really tired!   Most of us got to bed early knowing that Sunday, today, would again be exciting for James and we had to gear up for the most horrific tantrum when he opened up the stuff that he didn't want.  I had a plan so I was more confident that we might have a great morning.  Or so I hoped as I drifted off to sleep.
Today, we got up around 7 and the kids dove into their stockings.  We all kept an eye on James trying to look for any signs of distress.  All was clear so we went onto the main event, the presents.  Before James started to open them, I gave him a firm warning... for every gift that he said sucked (like at his birthday birthday disaster here) I would take away one of the really cool ones!  I meant it and he knew it because every gift he opened he was appropriately receptive and thanked the giver.  It was awesome!!  He got some really cool stuff including a Mario chess set that he has wanted for years!  Later, he announced that everyone, even Santa got an A+ for Christmas this year.  Phew.... made it through!!!

Happy holidays everyone and I hope your celebrations will be merry and drama free!!

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