Saturday, December 8, 2012

What's Bugging You?

I just read a Facebook feed from another blogger (AutismDaddy) on what pet peeves we bloggers have about blogging.  I think my biggest blogging pet peeve is how few comments I get on my blogs.  I comment on every blog I read.  I feel it is almost good blogging etiquette to leave a little piece of our selves for those sharing with us.  Whether it is a simple ;) or a paragraph letting the other blogger know that you hear what they are saying. By the way... It isn't good blogging etiquette to ream the blogger out for having a personal opinion.  Blogging is a very personal experience and those of us who do it with our kids as the main event, we are just looking for a family environment who understands what we are going through.
SO... talk to me!  I am just a mom with a very funny son who does crazy things as part of his everyday life.  And he is super cute!!


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    1. Thank you Autism Art Project! Everyone who meets him comments on his amazing eyes. Even his smirk like in this picture is cute.