Friday, December 14, 2012

Teacher Gifts with a Side of Autism

Front Cover

Okay, it is parent etiquette to give a teacher gift before leaving for the holidays.  James certainly added a little spice to the experience this year.   This year we gave James's teacher 3 books for the classroom.  One was about George Washington, another about Lincoln and the third, was about Benjamin Franklin.  OMG... James went into a complete meltdown last night!!  HE wanted the George Washington book, his teacher had never given him anything (except for 6 hours a day of quality education)... This certainly went on and on until he was in a great lather about everything he has ever felt was unjust!!
At that point, he stopped talking to us, stopped having affect, stopped being the James we know.  He woke up at 4 AM and insisted on finding the George Washington book.  My husband successfully got him back to sleep but in the morning he refused to talk to us, look at us or do anything we said.  I started in on my one sided conversation with him...
I see you are angry.
I know you are angry because you really want the George Washington book (first eye contact)
The one we got yesterday is for your teacher but we can get you one today so you will have your own copy (first smile)
Would you like us to get it before you get home or do you want to go with daddy after school (1 finger went up telling us the first option was correct)
Are you going to talk to us again? I love you mom!! Yeah, my Jamesie is back and we are going to learn a lot about George Washington.

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