Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ABA? Contracts? Fencing is Working Miracles with James!!

So, James started fencing lessons last week.  With him, we never really know how he is going to do in any activity.  Brian and I end up freaking out because James is anxious and driving everyone in the class crazy with his questions and constant moving.  Last week at the first class James was all questions and information >>here<<  The coach and his assistant were amazingly patient with him and James truly felt heard.
Last night was class number 2.  James was super excited because he remembered that they would be doing some practicing with partners.  As we pulled up, the coach greeted James by name.  Brian didn't think anything about it but I thought, not a good sign (he had told us all last week that he was horrible with names!  This was kind of like on Monday, when I had to drop James off at school late and the brand new secretary greeted him by name, not a good thing!!) Anyway, the kids got warmed up and off they went to suit up.  This was the first time the kids had worn the very special outfits.  James being left handed he needed help to find the left handed jacket and glove.  Once suited up the kids paired off and were told to practice keeping away from each other either moving backwards or going forwards.  James modified the plan and got in a few tentative "hits" and made sure to let the coach know.
Things were slowing down and James started getting antsy and tired.  He started to wiggle and put his hand up.  His coach looked at him each time and simply said, "James, on guard!" Each time, that little boy snapped back into ready fight position.  It was beautiful!!  Class over and kids were leaving.  James walked up to the coach and with full eye contact said, "Coach, I had fun!" Simple statement I know but for James who really never admits to having genuine fun, it was HUGE!! Fencing will be a part of his life for as long as he wants and we are blessed to have found something that Brian, James and I can all agree is fun!!

Check out this site to see if there is a fencing class meeting near you.  It may be something you child may like >>click here<< 

Did you know that fencing teaches etiquette?  It is probably the most polite sport I have ever witnessed.  It is a "gentleman's sport".  You need to show respect by saluting your opponent, the people watching and the referee (if there is one).  If your opponent for some reason turns their back, you wait for them to turn back around.  At the end of the match, you shake hands and thank your opponent for the good fight.  Life lessons, I tell you.  James is learning how to be a gentleman doing something he loves, fighting.  Talk about symbiosis!!


  1. Yay, James!!! I love it! I am so glad he found something he enjoys!

    1. Thanks Mac! This is a new James for us. His coach has a very thick Eastern European accent and for some reason, James is really receptive to it.