Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Coat Part 2 or Mother of the Year... You decide!!

Okay, so yesterday, James and I had a discussion about needing to take his jacket to school because it was cold, but he said he didn't want it until he smelled the cow poop and then he decided to take it so he could cover his nose >>here<<  So today... well you may need a little back story for you to see what I am talking about.
I am a mom.  I am a mom with 2 kids. I am a mom with 2 kids and in a wheelchair.  I am a mom with 2 kids, in a wheelchair and living in a two story house.  I am a mom with 2 kids, in a wheelchair, living in a two story house and all of the bedrooms are upstairs.  I am a mom with 2 kids in a wheelchair... I am sure you can see where this is going.  UPSTAIRS doors slamming, Charlotte close to tears because she is going to be late to history again, James stripping down to his comfy underwear chuckling, turning his TV up to 40 and simultaneously turning into a squirmy octopus! ME gathering all the strength I have to climb the stairs to lay down the law.  James sweaty and slippery, me in pain, Charlotte still worried about history and now my physical ability to stand long enough to get back downstairs.  I get a shirt on James the octopus, and being the mum I am, sent him to the car to finish getting dressed at school (how did we get him to go downstairs?  I told him that if he hurt Charlotte again, I would give her permission to hurt him!).  I am that mom!  I have taken James to school over the years in many degrees of undressed and dressed.  My mission is to get him to where he is supposed to be.
We finally got Charlotte to school about 10 minutes late.  Not too bad but not great either.  James was a different story.  I pulled up to his school and tried the school psychologist (in training for the day) and then asked for the school principal.  She came out and the discussions began.  James was head down and withdrawn.  Nothing we said could get him to respond.  We finally got him out of the car and the last thing he asked for was his coat.  HIS COAT!! I tried to decide what to do all the way home.  When I did get home, there was an email from his teacher letting me know that James was asking for his jacket and might I be able to bring one for the day?
Okay so here we are... decision time... Do I race home and pick up the forgotten jacket for the little darling or let him freeze his butt off today for putting his sister and me through such an EPIC morning?

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  1. Only about 2 years late... I would probably let him suffer AND make sure that he knew (visual explanation, sort of a YES/NO diagram) his suffering and its consequences, runny nose/bugger covered pants (my son's sides are covered in 'snail trails' during the cold season), was a result of his choice... Most likely, he would file it under 'mom is evil' anyway...