Monday, January 7, 2013

Why do I Need a Coat Mom???

A coat for James is just a piece of clothing that is frivolous!  Most of the time he doesn't get what the big need is.  He is the one in the house, running around in his underwear while the rest of us are bundled up waiting for the heat to finally kick in.  Today, we had another apparently pointless discussion about coats.   
"James, take your jacket."
"You mean besides the fact that it is 37 degrees outside?"
"I don't want to take it."
He opens the door of the van and starts to get out of the car without his jacket.
"Yuck!! The cows have been pooping again!!" At this point he got the jacket, placed it over his nose and ran for his classroom.  The beautiful Tracy cows did it again.  They gave him a reason to make a sensible decision!


  1. Love it! I have ran into similar instances with several of my students with autism. I have had winter coats and boots worn almost year round and then there was a very repetitive conversation one day with one of my kiddos who didn't understand why I was wearing a scarf because it was not snowing! Too funny!

    Miss Allison's Class

    1. It is really amazing what get him to do things that for me are complete common sense! I love the cows here in Tracy, James, not so much because of the smell! They really helped me out yesterday. I hope they will help me today if I need it.