Monday, December 31, 2012

I Need Some Peace... and Quiet!!

Big news in our house yesterday was we got a new printer!  I guess James has been desperate to print something because he patiently waited for his turn at the computer to create/ write a story and print it out.  As he sat at the computer, the rest of us chatted around him.  The TV was on and the cats were racing.  There are very few places you can go in this house for complete silence.  James turned to us and in a very authoritative tone declared, " I need some peace and quiet."  James is the loudest person in our house 98% if the time.  I looked at him and simply said, "Then stop talking."  He simply said, "Okay" and got back to his epic novel.  Enjoy....


Galaxy Pegasus can fly up in the sky , But if you are playing with this toy it will just go fast. The performance tip will make your Galaxy Pegasus go fast. This is the legend Beyblade.

The launcher has 4 buttons and a key shaped as a sword. You have to put the key in the hole on the launcher but 2 holes are in the launcher. First test both holes then when you find the correct hole put the key in the hole.

Chapter 3
If you got it then pull the key out of the hole.


  1. Your child is a future novelist! What a fun, relatable wife and I chuckled!


    1. Jon, I am so glad you liked it!! James has little choice in being a terrific writer. He is named for my husbands favorite author~ Jane Austen!