Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An Interesting Question...

On one of my Facebook blogging sites, a question was asked of those of us who are married.  The basic question was ... What does your partner think of your blogging?  The responses seemed split down the middle between reading and loving it and never reading and hating it.  My husband and I have been married almost 18.5 years and there is very little that I do that he doesn't approve of.  I think he wishes that I wouldn't point out how I am always right all of the time but the blogging is okie dokie  with him.  I am blogging the truth and honesty has always been a biggie for us in our marriage.
We use our real names and yes, I asked permission before using Charlotte's name in any of the blogs.  I did this because this is our life.  No pseudonyms just reality in our house.  I can appreciate bloggers who change names to protect the innocent.  James, unfortunately is guilty as charged in every blog I have ever posted!!   Our kids are typical siblings with the love/hate relationship we all dream of as parents. I will have to post a blog someday of their amazing journey but for now back to the topic at hand.  
Does my husband like my blogging.  The answer is YES because first it gives me something to do while on medical disability AND it gives him a different perspective.  When we are in the depths of whatever crisis James has dragged us into, it is very difficult to see the humor.  Taking a step back and thinking about it... I can usually get him to see something that will put a more positive spin on the experience.  He also likes for me to do it because he LOVES James and all the craziness that goes into making him who he is!  
Find your bliss in the craziness that is and find PEACE when that craziness finally goes to sleep at the end of the day!! Blog on and share your journey!!