Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh Beautiful Anonymity Where Are You????

There are some people in the world who wish for fame.  They want everyone to know their names and to have their faces plastered everywhere.  This is NOT me.  I love to be behind the scenes.  I would prefer to just be invisible and have always been comfortable in that space. I HATE to have my picture taken because not everyone would understand who I am when they see how I look.  I know, their problem but I don't see myself the way I look.  Weird mirror self image thing I guess.  Anyway...
It is not always a good thing to be recognized.  It is not a good thing for James to be recognized by nameby the brand new secretary at school on her second day.  Same for the assistant principal.  Today I was at my local medical center, the one I go to frequently, and was greeted by name by both the radiologist and the lab tech.  SERIOUSLY NOT A GOOD THING!  Where is my invisibility cloak when I need it?