Thursday, February 7, 2013

Glad I Took the Comments off my Blog Before THIS One!

I am trying to remember if I have tackled this topic before but I am not sure so here it is for the first time or possibly again.  TV isn't evil!  Yes, I use it as a "babysitter" when I need to.  James has one in his bedroom >>here<<.  TV did not cause his Autism >>here<<, IT has possibly made him having Autism a little easier to deal with because he is able to be alone, in his room for longer than a millisecond without supervision.
In the beginning, even before James was diagnosed, he seemed to have absolutely no idea that people existed.  We were part of his environment like a table, chair or wall.  He would drive his cars and trains over us same as he would the wall or windowsill.  My baby was empty!!  He had two loves in those days Thomas the Tank Engine and his soft pieces of fabric.  He would play in the living room and if Thomas the Tank Engine was on the TV then he would periodically look at the TV.  In time, he would sit and watch the short episodes getting up when it was over.  It was amazing!  My little man was learning about beginning and finishing something ~ anything.  You can read about the Thomas magic with kids with Autism here >>click<<
Over the years, James' tastes have changed.  Thomas gave way to Blues Clues and then Dora and Diego.  They were replaced by Speed Racer and Spider Man.  Now it is Ninjago, Pokemon, Beyblade and Phineas and Ferb. I let James watch TV because it is a chance for him to relax and relate in a way that takes less energy.  Sure I want personal interactions with him and I get them.  You can read about TV and Autism --> >>here<<
James's vocabulary has increased immensely by watching TV also.  This morning he was talking about the agility of his Pokemon character.  A few months ago he used the word Nemesis in the correct context.  I asked him what it meant and he defined it as an enemy (pretty close for a 9 year old!)  Where did he learn that word?  Phineas and Ferb of course.  Doofenshmerts has some of the best words in the show!! Check him out below!!

Oh and don't get him started on Aglet's you may never get him to stop!!