Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh Blessed Peace and Quiet

There are typically 2 ways the mornings can go in the Laughter house.  First the kids are horribly at each other's throats irritating each other and second, they are almost enjoying each other's company but they are both trying to get on the last nerve of their sparring partner.  Today was the latter.
We have a large window like opening to look from the dining room to the kitchen (I know it has a name but can't think of it).  Charlotte was sitting at the kitchen table because James and his morning nanny were at the dining table playing BeyBlade while he ate his breakfast.  When his nanny left, he turned to  torment poor Charlotte.

"Oh look, breakfast and a show on this huge TV.  Looks like there is only one person in this show and it is a BOY."  I went into the kitchen at this point.  "Guess I was wrong, now there are two people, HI mom" I waved and headed back to the dining room.  Then Charlotte chimed in, "Guess the TV is 3D James"  but he had moved on.  
One minute from needing to leave for school with any hopes of getting the kids there on time, James swung on his backpack and Charlotte fought with a very stubborn cowlick on the back of her head.  Both kids were upset.  James asked me to take the math text out of the backpack so it wouldn't hurt his back.  (I haven't figured out why math textbooks have to be so freakishly heavy.  Geez, the kid is only in the third grade but the book must weigh 4 pounds!)  Anyway, both of the kids were upset and wanted someone else to handle the problem.
James came up with the perfect solution for his problem, he was just going to have his sister carry his book to the car.  Charlotte, speed brushing her hair begging me to tell her the cowlick was gone (this is the "do these pants make my butt look big?" situation I wasn't going to deal with today) told him to carry his own book because she had her own heavy books to carry.  I told James to pick up his book and Charlotte to consider the cowlick a curl and let's GO.  Both kids shot me THAT look and I headed for the door.  Charlotte put down the brush, picked up James's book and put it in his hands and basically told him to deal with it.  James looked at her and said, "It is a freakin' curl! Deal with it."
And now, I am home and it is quiet (K.D. Lang is singing but she was invited!). Time for breakfast and last night's episodes of The Following and Castle.  PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!