Friday, February 15, 2013

Bring it ON!! I am Ready!!

I know that as a parent, I would do anything for my kids.  I clothe and feed them.  I support their interests.  I make sure that they are happy and healthy.  I am also their stress neutralizer. Both of my kids have anxiety to some degree.  My daughter has stress around school and doing her best in everything she does.  James, well he has Autism so anxiety is kind of part of his makeup.  He has anxiety over new situations and forgetting things that he feels he needs.  Just this morning I was called into service by both kids.  Charlotte was first.  She showed up in the kitchen around 6AM in her pj's spinning a tale of horror involving the evil printer.  We tackled the problem again and together we were able to get the printer to comply to a high enough degree that we were able to check this off the stress chart.
The next problem came at breakfast.  Next year's classes needed to be decided on by today!  Charlotte was having difficulty deciding between the fast or the "slower" track in IB Calculus.  Oh man, how do I help her with this one?  I am  allergic to numbers and math of all levels.  I told her that it really didn't matter because it was IB in both cases and it is Calculus.  Math isn't anything that she is going to pursue in college so really what is so hard in the decision?  She is so driven that it seems that if she takes the "easy" path then she won't be living up to her potential.  Okay, but it is CALCULUS not play dough for preschoolers.  So I emailed her current math teacher and asked her to give Charlotte permission to take the slower track next year and feel good about it.  BAM... stress hopefully gone.
6:54AM drop Charlotte off at school and go home and deal with James who only got an hour of restorative sleep last night! Thanks Autism!!
James was in a great mood when I got home and was very good at getting ready to go to school.  We got in the car and 5 minutes from school and all of a sudden, "OH NO!!!!!!!! My Beyblade!!!!!!!!!!!!"  On Fridays the kids who go to aftercare are allowed to bring toys from home because there is no homework.  Stress reducing mommy to the rescue... "Don't worry buddy, which ones do you want?  I will drop them off to aftercare and they will be ready for you when you get there." BAM... happy 3rd grader ready to face the day on one hour sleep and 4 tests looming over him when he gets to the classroom.  No stress here!
And, how you ask, do I handle all of the stress I nab from my kids and pile onto my shoulders? Don't worry, I have very supportive, not to mention delicious, friends!