Friday, February 1, 2013

What Did She Say??

James does spelling on the computer to help him learn his words for the week.  I love the site because it takes me out of the spelling fight!  There are games and other activities but for the most part, we do a practice test everyday to see what words we need to work on.  The only words I require him to write are the ones he gets wrong.  Anyway, like most computerized voices, pronunciation is sometimes questionable.  I repeat the ones he doesn't hear correctly.  This week it was the word ladder.  He kept hearing latter.  I sent a note on his spelling practice test for last night about this and asked his teacher to make the pronunciation really clear for James.
Well, I just got an email from Jamesie's teacher and he got a 14/15 on his spelling test and got the word ladder correct!! His teacher also wrote that James complemented him on his pronouncing the word correctly and he was much better than the computer!   Love this kid!!  Hmmm, I bet the one he got wrong was tomorrow.  He kept spelling it tommorow this week but finally got it last night.  I guess we will see.  Another week of spelling done!

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