Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sometimes a Molehill Really is Just a Molehill

We have all heard the saying, "Stop making a mountain out of a molehill."  We all know that it means not to make something bigger than it really is.  I have been reminded of this saying twice over the past week or so.  First, I found an amazing spoken word Canadian poet named Shane Koyczan >>you will not be disappointed!<< The first thing I heard him perform was his piece called To This Day.  The beginning of the poem is a major mountain out of a molehill situation. The rest of the poem is well worth the time it will take to listen.   Enjoy, I will wait for you!


Pork chops and karate chops... so misunderstood and it all could have been avoided if someone had actually thought to ask him how he got hurt.
The second incident is a little closer to the Laughter house.  James has received 3 referrals to the office in the past week.  Last week was a bad week for him all around so defying adults should have gotten him the referrals.  I see those.  Yesterday, he got a referral for "hitting" a kid on the playground during a game of four square.  His punishment for the crime is for him to sit out of recess for today and tomorrow.  Seems a little harsh especially after I asked him what happened.  James doesn't do anything without a reason.  All behavior is communication and he communicates loud and clear for anyone who knows his language.  It seems as though the other child had been cheating at the game and James being so rule driven, took the law in his hands and removed the ball from the other child.  He probably should have asked an adult for help but he is reactive, impulsive and often doesn't think before doing stuff OH YEA... that's what IMPULSIVE means!  If the adults had taken the time to talk to James, this probably wouldn't have gone this far but it has and the referral has been signed and placed in his permanent file.  Sometimes mainstreaming really sucks!!  I am glad that he is doing as well as he is but sometimes people need to let the kids handle their little squabbles instead of bringing in the army to blow out a match!
BTW... if you like the poem above, try this one out for size.  Bring your tissues!  This one has a few very well placed and necessary expletives.    For anyone who knows me, I don't dabble in that kind of language but here, it seems perfectly placed.