Wednesday, July 18, 2012

26 Days Until Things Get Back to Normal... Well Hopefully!

It has certainly been a difficult summer!  This is the first summer where James hasn't had a full time summer school program.  I have tried to fill the summer with camps and practice for academic readiness for 3rd grade.  The transitions in and out of the weeks have been difficult and James only likes the camps when he is done with them begging to return when the camps have finished.  One of my goals has been to work on transitions but now I see that I may have pushed him too far.  I am exhausted before the day begins knowing what the day will hold for me.
We have been lucky to have an aide for helping with behaviors.  His behaviors have been big and I feel like allowing him to do what makes him happy so that the rest of us can have a nice peaceful break before the busy school year begins in 26 days.  And yet, everyday, I prepare school work for him to do so that when 3rd grade starts, he will not meltdown in the middle of a class with 30 other students.  Again, it hasn't been easy.  In fact, it has been horrible in a lot of ways.  I hope this bedroom door survives the summer!
I have always told my children, that I am a much better mum when I don't spend all of my time with them.  I love them so much that I allow them to go to school and come home to share their days with a more relaxed mum.  I certainly admire the families who are able to home school their children, but it is certainly not for me!  I am very educated and capable to educate my children to the levels that they are entitled to but.... I also know my limits.
So today I choose to find my bliss knowing that I have survived the first 47 days of the summer vacation.  26 more to go and then I am no longer the lead in his education.  I am a very happy supporting, behind the scenes player.  I think I can, I think I can, I hope I can, Oh please can I just drop him off at school?  Just for 183 days?  They don't need to be consecutive just the knowledge that he will be cared for and educated by someone who doesn't feel the pain I do every time he screams that he hates me and slams the door.
I wanna go to 3rd grade NOW and there better not be
any work like you have made me do his summer!!!!!!!!!!!

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