Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rules are Meant to be Followed!! or BENT to Fit James' Needs

We have a steadfast rule in our house.  Absolutely no conversations about Mario, Pokemon, or Angry Birds at the table.  There is WAY too much of that talk already during the day.  Family time around the table is reserved for interesting topics of conversation.  I have already decided that when the kids go back to school in 22 days, they must come to the dinner table with 3 things that they learned about during the day.  For now, we talk about fluff.
James has decided that he can bend the rule and still be near the table.  He stands up moves 2 feet away from his spot, says his piece about the banned table conversations and giggles his way past the rule!  This kid cracks me up!!!!

These parents and their rules crack me up!!!

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