Monday, July 23, 2012

Good Morning!!??

During this summer, James has pushed his bedtime later and later.  We haven't pushed back too hard because he doesn't get to see his daddy very much and it is summer.  Last night it was almost 10:00 when he finally fell asleep.  In the past, that bedtime generally indicated a lazy morning wake up around 8:30 because he knew his aide would be coming at 9:00 or there was camp at 9:00.  This week he is on vacation from camp and aides.
Ding, four minutes before 6:00 the little man showed up in our room super-excited and energized.
"GOOD MORNING!  It's vacation!!!!"
"What time did you get up?"
"Sometime in the fives.  Not in the ones, twos, threes, or fours!  I was still asleep. Definitely in the fives! Can I go on the computer?"
Ah, the day has started, and he is bouncing while my husband and I are dragging.  So today I choose to find my bliss knowing that my husband is home on vacation and I can grab a nap this afternoon!!  He may want one too, but I get to go first!!

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