Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Leave it up to James to Come up with this Solution

James is a master negotiator!  Many people have run in fear from his pure awesomeness when it comes to creative solutions that only benefit him.  I am just as fierce as he is when it comes to solutions that work in my favor and keep him walking in the right direction.  One of the new rules I have put into place is for every 1/2 hour on his beloved DS, he owes me IXL time.  IXL is a computer math site that his school uses to provide extra practice for the kids.  James really wants to get the award for going through all of the sections before the end of the year.  The third grade math has 227 skills to complete before he can get the award.  So far he has completed 27 so only 200 more to go.  Anyway, James really hates IXL but really loves his DS time.  I even threw in the guilt trip of I don't get to spend time with him when he is playing his DS.  Once he heard that... he ran with it.
"Okay mom, I will only play my DS when I am near you."  AGGGHHH... This kid certainly can find a way to make things work for his benefit and keep me hopping!  Love him, but he still owes me IXL time!

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