Monday, July 30, 2012

Who is this KID??

James is always full of surprises!  He loves to keep us on our toes.  One thing that rarely changes is his taste and willingness to try new foods.  It makes shopping for him super simple because I always know what to get him.  Monkey bread or cinnamon waffles for breakfast.  Noodles, pizza, french fries, sausage and chicken (in many forms) for the rest of the day's meals.  Simple, and add a few fresh or canned fruits in, drown in lemonade, and there you have it. For yesterdays lunch my husband tossed a PB&J sandwich cut into bite sizes to him and James actually ate half of the pieces (first miracle)!  Then at supper at Applebee's, James decided that the steak roll up appetizer smelled really good and tried it and liked it for the first 2 bites and then was done (second miracle)!
On our drive home, James was oblivious to the fact that his sister wasn't in the car.  When it dawned on him that she was missing he asked about her.  "Where's Charlotte?" "She went home with Papa because she is going to writing camp next week near his house."  "Good!  No Charlotte for a week!!" "What! Aren't you going to miss your sister?" "Yeah, I meant that it is good that Charlotte gets to go to camp." Good save, little man! It had been less than an hour and I missed her already! A whole week without her is going to be torture! Even though when she is home I rarely see her except for meals.  Just knowing that I can walk down the hall to the pretty blue room and find her surrounded by books and cats typing on her laptop brings me peace.  I have already told her that when she goes to college, I am going to audit all of her classes so I can see her in her element.
Today I choose to find my bliss knowing that James is maturing and is more willing to try new things.  Charlotte is still two years from leaving for college, and her top college of choice is very close, and my husband works there, so at least he may see her, and I will at least get to see her laundry weekly.  I can finally see better than I have seen in 4 months with my new lens from my cataract surgery.  Life is good!!

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