Friday, October 26, 2012

15 Words That is All It Took!!!

We have been having a lot of difficulty with spelling lately. James has either taken the wrong spelling test or he has misunderstood the word and his test scores have shown that. So we are always working very hard on spelling and this week I knew for sure he could get 100%. I e-mailed his teacher after I knew that he had taken the spelling test to see how he had done. His teacher told me that James had gotten 14 out of 14 which was odd because there are 15 spelling words. His teacher indicated that James had forgotten a word, that he would figure out which one, and ask him later.  When James got in the car after school I asked him about his spelling. James was very excited to tell me that he had gotten 100% and the word that he'd forgotten, "grassy," he had later spelled correctly.
James rattled on about his day, and how excited he had been to get the 100% on his spelling. I decided at that moment to put a reward system in place. I told him for every 100% he gets on his spelling we would be able to go to his favorite restaurant to get lunch. As I looked in the mirror at him I could see how excited he was. He wanted to know if EVERY time he got 100% he would be able to get his favorite lunch. I very quickly put a cap on it. I told him it needed to be 100% on the FRIDAY test at school. James has consistently been getting 100% on the spelling tests at home, so he thought that EVERY day he would be able to go to his favorite restaurant for lunch. THAT finally taken care of, I again looked back in the rearview mirror, and James had his hands locked behind his head, and he sighed and said "Ah, those were good times."

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