Saturday, October 13, 2012

Guest Blogger!! James --- Don't Run!!!!!!

From Sarah's husband:

Meals in our house have settled into a sadly simple routine of late. Sarah had foot surgery recently and has to keep the limb elevated, so no more family meals around the table. Instead we have gone to Plan B, eating in the living room in front of the TV. TV meals used to mean watching one of James's favorites, "Phineas and Ferb," maybe, or a G-rated movie.
But lately his tastes have moved on to cartoons of less universal appeal, while the rest of us prefer more sophisticated fare. So the older family members eat in the living room with their thriller, or Food or Gameshow Network program, and James is up in his room with Pokemon, Spongebob or Ninjago. 
His limited tastes make planning his meal easy. Cook or reheat a pizza, microwave some chicken strips or corndogs, bake up some orange chicken -- those are the majors, with lemonade to wash it down and maybe some fruit if we can sneak it in. We used to mix lemonade by the half gallon and pour it into a straw-cup for him -- now we just combine small water bottles with single serving pouches of mix.

Lately I've prepared his meals before everyone else's to be ready for him when he comes down famished and demanding food RIGHT NOW. When he appears I just load him up with the booty, and dismiss him with it to his room. And off he'll go with his platter in his hands and his lemonade bottle stuffed in the pocket of his shorts. 
This morning I guess the bottle was a bit too heavy or the pants a bit too loose. "My pants are coming down!" he wailed. "Better walk fast, then," was my unsympathetic response. Exit James, chugging rapidly through the family room past Mommy's chair. "No running, James!" she admonished.
James's response: "I'm not running, Mom! I'm power walking!"
I want to give a big shout out to my loving husband for taking this one on today and living with the knowledge that this isn't over yet.  Unfortunately, I need to redo the surgery on Monday and then have another surgery scheduled on Tuesday so the Dynamic Daddy may need to fill in more than he wants as far as cooking etc... 

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