Saturday, October 13, 2012

So Sorry in Advance!! Couldn't Help Myself

This little man had no language at all~ Our fondest
dream was for him to talk.  Wish granted!!
So it is Saturday and I was happily dozing on the couch listening to the Il Divo Pandora station on the TV.  James was quietly playing his 3DS on the chair across the room.  All of a sudden James screamed, "MOM, you can't have any erections!!!!"  I jolted awake from my peaceful place where I was listening to Sarah Brightman sing something from the Phantom.  "What James?" "Mom, you can't have any erections!!" Okay, I know my little man is only 8 and basic biology, not to mention human sexuality, is not part of his world yet so I didn't go down that road.  "What James?" "ERECTIONS.... ERUPTIONS MOM!"  Oh INTERRUPTIONS!! Got it. We have had many wifi issues during the past few days and his 3DS is still picking up interference I guess.  Oh the stuff this kid says!  Love him and will miss these little nuances as we help him with his language.

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