Saturday, October 27, 2012

Good Feeling's Gone

I love shopping with just my husband!  Not that I don't love my kids but it is SOOOO much easier to get what I want when I don't have to worry about where James is!  Brian and I had such a wonderful time and we were super productive and I was beaming with the good feelings of being successful.  Just keep shopping, Just keep shopping, Just keep shopping, shopping, shopping.  We're going home with food, Yeah!  We're going home with food, Yeah!  Turned the corner and BAM!  Good Feeling's gone!  We were faced with the almost full moon that on 10/29 will turn James into the kid from, well, you know what I am talking about!!!!  Catch me on Monday, I will be the mom under the table clutching the magic weapon of pizza and chicken that I can throw at the beast until 10/30 finally arrives.  Scared of my kid, ah, maybe just a little, especially on those full moon afternoons and evenings.  Oh yea, and the frosting on this horrific cake is on Monday I am in charge of all of James's homework!  I may not make it to 10/30: it all depends on him ~ the One Who Must Not Be Named!

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