Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BIG SHOUT OUT to the EAGLES Girls Volleyball Team!!!!!!

James started cardio kickboxing today after school and he had a great time until he determined that he wanted to just have the music on and have free dance.  Anyway, while he was having the class, the girls volleyball team from his school started filing in for their game.  James decided that he needed to stay to "help" them play.  Okay, I was willing to see how this would go so I stayed put.  James was as happy as a puppy in the park chasing after every ball that went out of bounds.
The girls on the Eagles team "adopted" him (I'm not sure they had much of a choice, he was very persuasive) and volleyed with him as they were able.  My little man was so happy I thought he was going to bust!  He got super excited as the time got closer for the game to start.  As the other team started filing in, James decided to go up to their coach and talk to her about their practice techniques.  In his black and white ways of seeing the world, he told her up front that the Eagles were going to win because THEY were practicing with balls!  The visitor coach quickly got out the balls to even the field.
I don't know what team won (I had to leave to get my daughter), but I do know that James had an amazing time and he has a future in sports broadcasting!!
"Did you see that mom? That ball landed like an asteroid!"
"Come on visitors, you need to get the ball!"
I think we still have some work to do on sportsmanship!! 


  1. How cute is he....He reminds me of Kaden when he helps Mahala practice softball. I have to get my post up about yesterdays fun practice. She had to hoist him over a school fence to get a ball that she hit over. He was sooooo willing, even though that is a normal out of his comfort zone thing.

    1. James wants to "HELP" everyone!! I love seeing him being embraced by "friends" he hasn't met yet. The girls were truly awesome to him!!