Thursday, October 18, 2012

MOM!!! What are You doing in the CAR!!!!

It has been long enough since my surgery to voyage out to collect my kids from school.  The swelling on my eyelids is down and my eyes are opening up.  I felt confident enough for my husband to go to work after dropping the kids at school this morning.  I felt confident all morning even making a trip to Jamesie's school to drop off some paperwork.  I felt confident as I got into the car to go and get the kids.  As I drove, I felt less confident.  I couldn't tell movement in the shadows and it scared me.  I got to James's school fine and the first thing he shouted at me as he crossed the grass was, "Mom, you are supposed to be at home because you are BLIND!!"  Awesome confidence booster little man!! I got the kids home safely if you wanted to know!! Back to the ice mask!!

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