Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Paging Dr. James

The past two days have been difficult for me medically.  On Monday, I had a repeat nerve biopsy because the first one that was done a week ago didn't have any nerve in the sample.  The one I had on Monday has left most of the top of my left foot without any feeling so I know we got the nerve this time.  Best part of the biopsy was when the surgeon took a step back and said, "Mrs. K... I don't find any nerve where I have made the incision."  I was devastated because I was done.  This was the last time I was doing this and it was going to be a failure.  As he started to close the incision, I let out a loud "OW!" "Found it!!" Glad to have that surgery out of the way!  Don't like the recovery  because instead of hurting, it burns like crazy!!!!!!
Yesterday, I had my much awaited eyelid lift surgery.  I had cataract surgery a few months ago on my right eye but haven't been able to see out of the eye because the lid on that eye is almost closed.  I was born with a droopy lid, but over the years it has gotten progressively worse.  In order to fix the the right lid, they also have to fix the left lid because once the brain gets the message that it doesn't have to work as hard to lift the droopy lid, it will stop working to keep the left one up.  I was awake for the surgery YUCK but made it through.  I was discharged a swollen mess full of stitches with a "beautiful" post boxing look (ah, I didn't win if you were wondering).  I was worried about what James would think when he saw me.  Brian caught him upstairs and gave him the rundown.  Mommy looks different, she is in pain, but okay.  when he saw me ~~~~ no reaction.  Good, mission accomplished   
Finishing homework last night he finally got a good look at me.  He stepped back and covered his mouth and gasped.  "OW Mom, what happened?" I told him.  He prescribed for me to stay in bed for 20 hours.  Sounds good to me. This morning he got up and I was already up and he said, "Mom, you were supposed to stay in bed for 20 hours and you are already up.  You said "OW" last night and when you say "OW" you need to stay in bed." Love my Doctor James!!!! 
I am ready for a day of icing my eyes and hopefully getting the swelling down and getting to see better.  

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