Friday, October 19, 2012

See, Grammar is Super Important!

James isn't a good eater at school.  And by that I really mean, HE DOESN'T EAT AT SCHOOL!!  I don't know how he keeps his energy up and focuses but he does.  We absolutely make sure he has a hearty breakfast every morning.  This morning he was very bouncy and excited and not very interested in food but finally started to eat.  I pulled a Jamesism on him and said, "hey James, do mom a solid and eat lunch today okay?" His response was, "mom, I AM eating." "Ah buddy, this is breakfast." "Okay I WILL eat then."
Okay, our tax dollars are really working hard in the public schools.  Verb tenses ROCK!!!!
Just in case you wanted to brush up on them, here you go...

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