Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homework Heaven!!!!

It has been a while since I have blogged about homework and for once this one will be positive and not me rambling about the horrors of having to have James do the small amount of homework sent home daily.  I am so thankful for his amazing team that helped us come up with the solution!  James now goes to the resource room 3 afternoons a week to do homework.  I prepare the homework packets but that is all I need to do.  At home we practice the weekly spelling list on the computer do the reading and writing.  James doesn't like to do the writing but he did it tonight!!

James insisted that we record his reading tonight (I insisted on at least a shirt!)

I am sooooo proud of my little man!! Oral reading is sooooo difficult for him but he just plugs along! He has also seen the amazing reason for doing his homework at school.  That means limited homework at home!!  He is very happy with his new afternoon schedule too.
Today as he left school, he was told that he didn't need to go to the resource room after school tomorrow if he went straight home and did his homework there.  He thought for a minute and stated, "I think I will go to Mrs. **'s room tomorrow to do my work because then I won't have to do it at home!" 
What an amazing change in my little man!! I am so happy that my happy James is back because now as he goes upstairs when we get home, he isn't stomping, he is saying "Mom... I love you!!!"  


  1. YAAAAYYYY!!!!! *cheering and clapping* GO, JAMES!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mac!! You have been an inspiration through all of your videos and schedules! I truly feel supported through the team and my friends near and far.